Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful South Fork High School Prom Couple in Stuart FL

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing this lovely South Fork High School Prom couple, Grace and Buddy.  They stopped by Gazebo Park in Stuart to have their pictures taken.  I just love Grace's soft pink gown and Buddy's matching bow tie.  They both looked beautiful (handsome) and were so charming to work with.

Here are a few of the images I captured during their Prom photo shoot.

Buddy and Grace were a beautiful couple dressed up for their 2014 Prom

Grace had on a gorgeous soft pink gown which complemented her beautiful blue eyes.

Buddy looked so handsome in his tuxedo.
I appreciate all the sweet couples (and friends) who stopped by to have their Prom pictures taken with us at Gazebo Park.  We loved seeing all of the seniors dressed up for their special evening.

If you haven't had an opportunity to visit downtown Stuart, you should really make some time to stroll through the shops and beautiful parks that are located in the area.  There are wonderful restaurants there, too.  It's a charming place!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Prom Season is in Full Swing with Riviera Beach Maritime Academy

We were so happy to see some of the students from Riviera Beach Maritime Academy join us in Memorial Park in downtown Stuart of Friday night for Prom 2014 pictures.  It's quite a drive for them to come up here for their pictures so we feel especially fortunate to have such wonderful clients. 

Cassie was sparkling from head to toe... literally!  Even her bubbly personality seemed to sparkle in her prom pictures.  She looked like a princess.

Stephen's hair.  Need I say more.  He's got that swag!  He looked great and I love how his tie coordinated with Emily's dress.  Stephen is such a great guy!

Emily wore Converse sneakers in turquoise with her prom gown.  Oh my, did that look great!  What a creative and clever twist to the otherwise formal air.  I love how her prom dress swirled in the wind as she danced around.  And yes, we even got some pictures of her smiling (for dad!)

Here are a few of the delightful prom pictures of these three:

Prom 2014 Couple - love their style!

Friends having fun on prom night!

Emily and Stephen on the bridge in their Prom 2014 attire.  Don't you just love the Converse sneakers?!

Emily in her beautiful mermaid style turquoise prom gown

Cassie was sparkling in her beautiful tulle prom gown.

A favorite photo from prom night.

Gorgeous Cassie looking over the railing of the bridge at Memorial Park in Stuart.
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at some of the fun we had taking prom pictures with our Riviera Beach Maritime Academy students.   We loved seeing how beautiful everyone looked and more importantly, how gorgeous they all felt.

If you would like to book prom pictures in the park for Martin County High School or Jensen Beach High School proms, please contact us ASAP.  We have a few spots left each night.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Prom Pictures for Martin County High Schools in downtown Stuart park

We're offering professional portrait prom pictures for Martin County high schools including South Fork, Martin County, and Jensen Beach.  We will be at Gazebo Park from 3:30 - 7:30 on the day of your prom.  Please see the details below.  Also, it is very important to email, text, or call us to book your time slot.  We have limited availability and time slots are booking up fast.  Thanks!
High School Prom pictures in downtown Stuart location.
We will take a few couple shots, individuals, and group images.  The cost is $25 per couple.  If you are planning to come as a group, you will need to have your couple and individual poses, too.  Please make sure to book your time so that I can accommodate your group.  Please do not just show up.  You need to schedule your time slot.


Each person will receive a CD of images including their couple, individual, and group pictures.  You will received print rights.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zafiro rocked out her senior portrait photo session at the park in Jensen Beach

Amid the beauty of the park in Jensen Beach we came across the perfect staircase with great lighting for Zafiro's senior portrait session.  It was such a windy day and the staircase provided just enough blockage to the wind that we were able to snap some wonderful frames of Zafiro.  Luckily we had Luis, her friend, there to help with the equipment, too.  As we walked around the park, we came across several areas that became a welcome respite from the wind. Zafiro's gorgeous long dark curly hair was twirling and swirling in the wind.   I just love how her red pants add such a great pop of color to the image without taking away from her beautiful face.  Zafiro is such a darling.  I couldn't get her to stop smiling.  Every time I asked her to give me her serious face, or her fierce look, she started cracking up.   It's a wonder that her makeup didn't start running down her face... OH YEAH... it wouldn't do that because it's airbrush makeup.  Airbrush makeup lasts for a very long time.  It is water resistant so it withstands the complications of the humid Florida weather,.. and cracking up so much your eyes start tearing!
Here is one of my favorite images from our photo session with Zafiro:
Zafiro's Senior Portrait Session of the stairs in the park in Jensen Beach.
Thanks for stopping by today.  I appreciate that you are taking the time to view my pictures!
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Emily's Senior Portraits in Gazebo Park in Downtown Stuart

Luckily for us the weather turned out to be perfect for Emily's senior portrait session.  After having her professional airbrush makeup and professional hairstyling we headed toward downtown Stuart, FL.  The sun would play peek a boo with us throughout our whole time photographing Emily.  At times, it was lovely having the soft sunny glow peek through the trees and other foliage.  We found lovely little nooks and crannies to help block some of the wind.  As we were photographing it seemed like the skies cleared a bit so we were able to head to the park.  One of our favorite features was the lovely gazebo.  The beautiful trees provided just enough shade and the tabebuia trees were in full bloom.  Oh those yellow flowers were so lovely.  Emily wore a darling navy dress with daisies on it and the yellow flowers of the tabebuia trees were the perfect backdrop for those pictures.  Our first stop was in a little alcove not far from the park where we were able to find a hint of sunshine to illuminate Emily's blonde hair.  This is one of my favorite images from that set:
Sunlight illuminating this high school senior's hair during her senior portrait photo shoot.
There are so many magnificent images from this session, you can be sure I'll be sharing many more in the days to come.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fringe - a super fun fashion trend for your senior pictures

So have you noticed all the super fun fringe on many of the items you find in clothing stores?  I've seen it on everything from bikinis to tops to purses, and beyond!  What a great fashion trend.  It's one I would definitely incorporate into my senior portrait photo shoot.  Fringe can be worn in a more neutral palette like the collection I put together on Polyvore (see below) or it can be worn in bright happy colors.  Whatever your look, fringe could definitely be incorporated on some level.  In the collection below I paired it with denim, knit hat, feather earrings and either fringe boots or sandals.  I think it would be such a great look for a beach, field, or park setting photo session.  It has a little bit of a hippy vibe to it, too, especially if you pair it with the feather earrings and beaded and feathered bracelet set.  Can you see yourself dancing around in a field of tall grasses with the fringe and your hair floating in the wind?  Can you see the sunshine peeking through the trees providing a warm and glowing feel to your images?  Yes?  Let's make it happen!  Call, text or email me now to book your session!  Let's create a vibe all your own for your senior pictures!

Fringe for Fun!

Junya Watanabe top

Free people top

Madewell vest

Dingo fringe boots

Forever 21 brown shoes

Nordstrom slouch beanie

Floral decor

Umbra wall art
$58 -

Friday, March 21, 2014

Flashback Friday to last Spring and Erika's Senior Portrait Photos in Stuart

Last Spring was super busy with all kinds of senior portrait photo sessions.  We were doing photo shoots for both 2013 graduates and the incoming seniors of the Class of 2014.  It never ceases to amaze me that some folks will leave their senior portraits to the end of senior year.  Most high school seniors try to book their sessions for the summer and fall, but we do have some that wait until the Spring of graduation year.
Erika is one of our 2014 high school seniors who had her session last Spring.  Yes, there are some who choose to do their photo session with us quite early, too.  Erika's beautiful hazel green eyes sparkle in every image.  I can honestly say that her photo shoot was one of my very favorites to date.  Jessica, our makeup artist and hair stylist, created a natural look for Erika which just enhances her already beautiful features.  You see, airbrush makeup and natural tones do a perfect job in creating photo ready, photo perfect makeup.  I love that Erika chose to go the natural route because it suits her style.   Here is one of her favorite images from our shoot.
Hazel green eyes and flowers in her hair... a natural, down to earth look for Class of 2014 senior, Erika.
If you have a moment, please leave Erika some love.
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